Nicki & Beyonce


Chapter 5


Sitting at my desk I huffed tucking a strand of my hair behind my ear. It’s been a rough 3 days since everything went down between me and Derek. Even though it’s not my fault I was getting used I still somehow found a way to blame myself. Maybe if I paid attention more I would have noticed he…

If The Truth Don't Hurt


Giselle’s POV;

"Grandma be honest. Mama doesn’t care an ounce about me," I finally spoke the words that have been burning holes in my heart. I get no love nor attention whatsoever and I’d be lying if I said it didn’t hurt. I sit here and see the gossip blogs and magazines covering her and her…

Chapter 6: Trapped



Laurent paced the floor back and forth once he got back to his hotel room. Larry had gotten here before him because he no longer felt like waiting on his brother. Originially, Laurent only went back inside to see if he had dropped his sun glasses on the floor around his seat…kissing his…

08 | only when i walk away



After her talk with Kelly, Giselle decided that it was time to go home and talk to Jermaine. Her love life has been a roller coaster as of lately and she didn’t know what to do. Apart of her wanted to take Kelly’s advice and stick it out with Jermaine simply because she loved him….

Chapter 4.



Silence filled the room as me and Isabella sat on the couches on opposite sides of the living room. It’s been an hour since I arrived to Derek’s house to finally get some answers about his inconsistent behavior with me only to find his WIFE opening the door. I looked up to see Isabella with…

Chapter 3



Sitting at my dining room table I graded the last paper of the homework I assigned my class. It was 9:30 on a Sunday and I was a little worn out. These past few weeks had me busy and I haven’t had any time to for break. Between my job and my personal life I didn’t know which one was bothering…

Chapter Three


I’ve been contemplating for the last two days and I don’t know if I should or if I shouldn’t. It’d be the only way for us to ever see each other again for our next time, but he just up and left. The letter was short and simple, it was kind of sweet and humorous too;

Really appreciate you…


Bey is the example of how you dress at coachella.


Beyoncé having fun on stage. 

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