Nicki & Beyonce

Oct 1

In Song Cry the video is B and it seemed like the song was about her which its not maybe that's y in resentment she changed the lyrics to keep a connection between songs becuz SC seems like J is talking about her and resentment is like her response!!



I love what this person on said:

The montage during Song Cry gets to me. I’m taking it that them shooting each other speaks to one causing pain and the other retaliating by causing pain right back. Then we get into Resentment and then we hear Bey say the bit about forgiveness meaning giving up the right to hurt a person because they hurt you — and then the footage, iirc) goes backward and she’s no longer shot and we get into LOT.


me: “hey what’s up”

them: “the sky”




"shit 90 minutes a damn long time"


"shit 90 minutes a damn long time"


Started off with her being bored, ended with Jay crackin’ her up. SOOOOOO cute


the beyoncé challenge:

[1/6] favorite lyrics: That’s Why You’re Beautiful

Orange is the New Black: a summary

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aww shit, if I hadn't seen the photos of her in the white two piece, I could have SWORN I saw a baby bump in her outfit from the tennis match. Here B is, playing with out minds again.



Hahaha when I saw the candids, I was so close to thinking the exact same thing but there was a follow up;


this made me laugh A LOT

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